Read Landscapes

Unique gardens, designed & built for you

The Read Landscapes team are available to work on all sizes of projects - whether it be a small section of your garden that needs reworking (e.g. replacing existing paving or lawn) through to a partial of full redesign.


For design projects, the design fee will be dependant upon the scale of the design and the level of detail required. Andy will talk through any fees during the initial consultation.


We are expert in construction of the following:
• Garden buildings
• Outdoor seating and lounge rooms or spaces
• Structural use of sleepers (e.g. retaining walls)
• Sleeper constructions (e.g. raised beds)
• Bespoke woodwork
• General landscaping


We can create a planting scheme for you to help you select and place plants and trees within your garden. If you have existing plants that you wish to retain or move, we would take this into account when putting together your design and/or planting scheme. Alternatively, some clients wish to take a hands on approach with the planting of their garden, so we create your new planting beds and leave you to get creative with the greenery!


We can incorporate a lighting scheme into the design of your garden if required. We work with you to design a lighting plan and partner with a qualified and reputable local electrician for installation.